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Tordara-Trasaella District

These two locations are set amidst olive groves and streams. This is also where a church in Baroque style, dedicated to the Madonna delle Grazie is, which has an ancient fresco and an altar of great artistic value.

Fontanelle District

From the sea to the hills, those of Fontanelle, a charming and ancient district which was once full of natural water springs, now disappeared. Agricultural town and summer destination for many visitors seeking peace and tranquility. A must see is the vantage view from Picco Sant'Angelo, from where you can admire both the Gulf of Naples and that of Salerno.

Cappuccini District

Of note is the church and the convent of the Cappuccini friars, built in 1586 overlooking the sea and located in the district named after them. It is said that in a side chapel of the complex, later destroyed by a landslide, the clergymen used to light a lamp which served as a lighthouse for sailors who passed through the nearby waters. Of great historical interest is also the Cocumella hotel, complex built on a sixteenth-century Jesuit monastery. A short distance from the convent is the viewpoint of the Marinella and its beach, overlooking the splendid panorama of the Gulf of Naples. Impossible not to be enchanted at the sight of the sunset, or looking down, to that of the waves crashing against the rocks.

Maiano District

Continuing the craft theme, the district of Maiano, has many furnaces for the production of red bricks. These bricks are used in the construction of the typical local ovens used for cooking our famous pizza. The symbol of this district is a tower called ‘La forma’ which in the seventeenth century was the headquarters of the people of Sant’Agnello who were in revolt against the neighboring municipalities.  Archeological finds of Greek and Roman origin have also frequently been found.

The Angri Distict

This is the most ancient area of Sant’Agnello around which the town gradually expanded. In this town there are major architectural remains dating back to around 1300 like the church of the Santissima Annunziata, built in neoclassical style, or other buildings dating back to the eighteenth century. In this area, still today, is the Sorrento’s Coast only handmade candles factory ‘Sessa’ which make candle form beeswax and was founded in 1873.

You are here: Home Holiday Themes Culture Itineraries